Design and development of systems applications components

Lares InNove works in the medical, industrial and scientific fields, designing both standard and customer tailored solutions.

Your partner for

  • Medical device sofware

  • Software for metrological, scientific and veterinary applications

  • Systems for data processing, visualisation and interaction



  • Design and development

  • Scientific and technical consultancy

  • Strategic and legal consultancy


Lares InNove is born from the will to create a company able to build software in medical, metrological and scientific fileds with nedded quality

We build internally all the software components necessary to obtain sufficient quality, efficiency and power, using the latest standards and hardware.

We understand quality in a global sense:
market analysis and customer involvement in the realisation process,
legal and regulatory aspects,
design of usage experience,
project managment, implementation and after sale.

Founders’ 20 years of experience, both in the context of medical and scientific research and in the industrial field, allows to identify and solve the many problems typically affecting the development of such systems.

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